Welder Certificate
ISO 9001:2008
Trademark Registration Certificate
Certificate of Submerged arc-welding operatorship
Turkish Lloyd Steam Boiler B Module
Turkish Lloyd Steam Boiler B Module
TSE Certificates - 377/303/497
International Welding Engineering
PQR 1-hand butt welding 3-24mm
PQR 2-Submerged-Arc Welding 6-24mm
PQR 3 - 3-24mm Manual Arc Welding Pipe Plate
Description: Semi & Raw Material Storage Tank

Type: Rectangular, Cylindrical

Material: St 37.2 - St 44 - St 52 - AISI 304

Specification: 2-eyed, three-eyed, four-eyed

Painting: Airless Application

Warranty: 2 year Warranty

Manufacturing all types of silos, tanks and weighing bunkers for powder and granule type of semi-finished products and raw materials used in many areas of the industry. Cement dust silos and bunkers generally used in food, chemical and in other industrial plants are manufactured with quality and expertise. Silos and bunkers composed of a flat part with cylindrical or rectangular cross section and a lower part with conical form

According to assembling position production can be made complete-welded or bolted types

Manufacturing and R & D efforts are still ongoing about aggregate stock bunker and truck loading bunker,
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